Day Zero-Welcome to the Blenko Water Bottle Blog

Sales Table at the Blenko Viditors Center

Welcome to the Blenko Water Bottle Blog.  It is my intention to post a photo of (at least) one unique Blenko water bottle every day for the entire year of 2012.  I hope to share some of the things that I have learned about Blenko and Blenko water bottles and encourage you to share what you know as well.  I will attempt to preface my opinions with “I think, I am guessing or It appears” so you can separate opinion from fact.

This blog will be my collection of water bottles, at least for the first year.  It is, however, our blog.  I hope to have discussions (just use the comment button.)  Please feel free to agree, disagree or make general comments.  Please, ask me to post additional photos if you would like a different view.  After the first year, I am considering posting photographs of YOUR collection.  We have plenty of time to work out those details.

If you type  A YEAR OF BLENKO WATER BOTTLES into the Google search engine, this site comes up usually on the very first page.  It displays all of the postings in a scrolling page.  Better yet, just click on the follow button and each posting will automatically be emailed to the email address of your choice.


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