Day 1-Marine Crystal

Blenko Water Bottle Marine Crystal

Marine Crystal was a catalog color from 1936 to 1945.  Some believe it was made for a few years beyond this, but not as a catalog color.  Marine Crystal is one of the simplest colors to make because the colorant was already contained in the sand used.  The green color comes from traces of iron oxide which is present in most sand.

Blenko’s glass, like 80% of all glass made today, is made from 3 basic ingredients, Sand, Soda and Lime.   Sand by itself has too high of a melting temperature so soda is added to bring the melting point down.   However, the soda makes glass that is slightly porous so lime is added to make it water tight.  Lime also makes the glass less brittle.


One thought on “Day 1-Marine Crystal

  1. What a great project! We can all learn from your experience and perhaps share some of our water bottles pictures as well.

    The pictures are fantastic. I am looking forward to future postings!

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