Day 3-Amber

Blenko Water Bottle Amber

Amber was a catalog color from 1938 to 1956 and 1985.  Amber can be made with the addition of Selenium.   This is why some of the Ruby glass also has areas that look amber in color.

I should make it clear that in this blog,  Blenko color names will always be capitalized.  Names not provided by Blenko will always be lower case.  These may be just general color references. They may also be names for colors made by Blenko which lack official color names (i.e. experimental colors) for which I or someone else has provided a name.  I provide these lower case names simply to provide a point of reference and to distinguish these colors from Blenko’s designations.   Simply stated, Blenko’s color designations are capitalized, all others are lower case.


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