Day 9-Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Sky Blue was a catalog color from 1935 to 1950.  Sky Blue is a pale blue usually found full of tiny bubbles.   Glass with lots of tiny bubbles is referred to as “seeded” glass.  More examples of seeded glass will appear in later posts.

If you are reading this in chronological order, you are probably saying to yourself that there is something wrong with my camera, with your monitor or the water bottles themselves.  They are all squat and clunky.  In fact, I usually refer to them as “clunkers” and that is a term of endearment.   I think that the original water bottles were all shorter and heavier than the present day examples and that the design was changed to the present look sometime between 1947 and 1950.  My best guess is that Winslow Anderson, Blenko’s first full time designer, made some stream lining changes to update the look of the water bottle.   I go into that in a later post.

These first nine posts cover the 9 colors that were offered in 1938.  That is the year that Blenko introduced their Water Bottle to the world.  Blenko did not have official designers in those days.  It is thought that the water bottle was designed by either Bill Blenko Sr. or one of the two Swedish glass blowers at Blenko at the time, Axel or Louis Miller.

Starting tomorrow the colors will be posted in a more random order.


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