Day 14-Seabreeze


When I originally wrote the blog on Seabreeze, I wrote that it was the last color added to the Blenko catalog and I expected one new color for 2012.  (Yesterday,  I found out that Violet was brought back for the 2012 catalog at least. )   Seabreeze was introduced in 2008 and was still being produced in 2011.  Blenko management tells me that Seabreeze will remain a catalog color for at least 2013.  This example of Seabreeze is etched “BLENKO 2008”.  Some of the listings for water bottles indicate that  the etching is a signature or that it is acid etched.  Technically, a signature is a person’s name, so this is not signed.  (Blenko is a family’s name, not a person’s name.)  The etching is not acid etching.  It is sandblasted.

On a computer screen, Seabreeze looks alarmingly like Turquoise.  It is much more attractive in solid form than on a computer screen.

It appears that the catalog colors for 2012 are Crystal, Violet, Cobalt, Topaz, Kiwi, Tangerine, Clover, Spring Green and Seabreeze.  The Blenko website shows Electric water bottles for a reduced price of $30.00.  As Electric is not being made any longer, I assume they have a quantity of them to clear out.  Order one if you do not have one already.

Update April 21, 2012:  I discovered today that some but not all of my Seabreeze water bottles are cased and this example is cased.  It is just the thinnest covering of Crystal so it is not surprising that I did not notice it sooner.  I am posting a photo of the casing below.  This is not just a one time thing as I have Cased Seabreeze etched 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I have updated the list of cased Blenko colors that I posted on Day 79 as well.

Casing Detail


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