Day 22-Celery


Celery was also made for just 2 years, 2006 and 2007.  Is it a coincidence?   I think not.  Cover Jungle in Crystal and you have Celery.

Blog Update- November23, 2013:  This color will show up with other years etched on the bottom because Jungle is the same color as Kiwi.  Blenko did occasionally make cased Kiwi but it was not a catalog color.

Celery Casing Detail


4 thoughts on “Day 22-Celery

  1. I have a bottle similar to this, signed and etched 2005. It is cased in clear/crystal, but the color is more uniform than your photo. Do you think mine would be celery, or something else from 2005?

    • The best I could do is to hazard a guess without seeing the water bottle. The cased green color that Blenko made in 2005 is Seafoam. It is possible that you have a Celery that was made experimentally in 2005 but Seafoam would be much more likely.

  2. I also have a bottle that appears to be celery that has a 2004 date on the bottom. The bottle is cased in crystal and I am sure it’s not seafoam.


    • It is more likely that you have a cased Kiwi which would look a lot like Celery. I have a Kiwi fade from 2001 so I know that Kiwi has been cased. It is also possible that Jungle was made as an experimental color in 2004 and cased.

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