Day 27-Wheat


Wheat was made from 1969 to 1983.  Wheat is exactly the same color as Topaz.  If you know when it was made then you know what name to give it.  Both are generally a yellow brown with a slightly orangey brown in the thicker portions of the glass.   If the water bottle retains it’s label, then you know it is Wheat if it has a silver foil label.  If the label is the orange ball, square, plastic label,  chances are 90% that it is Topaz.  If the label is the new silver hand in a plastic oval it is definitely Topaz.

Blog Update-November23, 2013.  During my October 2013 visit to Blenko I was told that Topaz and Wheat are NOT the same color formulation.  Wheat is just slightly different than Topaz and as a general rule is lighter in color.  Having said that, the color Topaz is all over the place as far as intensity of color goes.   So while this is a fact, it is not a very useful fact when it comes to determining the color.


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