Day 29-Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose was also made from 1988 to 1990.  That is because Dusty Rose is Plum cased in Crystal.  The color from Day 12 was Orchid.  I can’t tell Orchid from Dusty Rose by sight.  I am relatively sure that this is Dusty Rose because it has the B with the orange ball label on it.  Dusty Rose must have this label which was used from 1983 to 1999.  The orange B label is “necessary but not sufficient” to determine the Dusty Rose Color.  The best advise I can give you to differentiate between the two colors is to look at the colored layer at the bottom where the clear casing is most obvious and if you can be confident about that color being Plum or Amethyst then you can be confident about whether the cased color is Dusty Rose or Orchid.   My previous Orchid example I am sure of because it has the silver hand oval label (and is dated 2003 on the bottom.)

Labels, when present, can be a great help in determining which color you have.  The foil silver hand was introduced in the 30’s and was used until 1982.  The B with the orange ball sticker was introduced in the catalog for 1983 and was used until 1999.  Since the year 2000 Blenko labels have been a silver hand in an oval of plastic.  If a label is present on your water bottle it can pare down the color choices, so often you can be sure of a color which would remain in doubt without the label.


5 thoughts on “Day 29-Dusty Rose

  1. Your statement in this article seems to be incorrect. You stated that they only made orchid one year (1999) with the Red dot B lable. I was under the impression that they made orchid from 1991 through 1999 with the B lable and from 2000 through 2005 with the silver hand oval plastic lable. I do not know the difference between dusty rose and orchid myself. I do not own a dusty rose bottle that I am aware of but I have several orchid bottles with the Red dot B lable and the 2000 and newer bottles which match in color. I would like to see an authenic example of a dusty rose to help me distinguish it from orchid. By the way I think you site is just great and very informative.


    • Thank you Phil for reading the blog with a critical eye and thank you for pointing out my error. I have gone back and corrected the posting. While, I apologize for the errors, I am sure there will be more, so keep an eye on me and please feel free to agree, disagree or just comment. One of my reasons for starting this blog is to document what exists for all collectors (and dealers as well) and to help people determine just what they have, to create the resource that I wish I had access to when I started collecting. As, I stated before, once the year of 2012 is over, I will have run out of water bottles to show and hope that the collectors will come forward with pictures of their water bottles so we can keep this blog going. With my current understanding of Blenko colors, I believe that I just have 5 catalog colors on my “Want List”. Perhaps collectors out there have photos of these colors that we can show for everyones benefit.

  2. May I ask what those five remaining catalog colors are? My work on dusty rose and the plum color has not produced the postive results I am looking for. I am now questioning the color of one of my plum bottles. I also have obtained a bottle with the B label that appears not to be cased but is a close match for orchid which has brought more indecision into my evaluation of dusty rose and orchid. Do you ever buy a bottle for the sole purpose of comparibilty to validate what you think you already know?

    • The 5 colors on my want list are all from the late 50’s or early 60’s, Aqua, Persian, Mulberry, Nile and Jade. For a while I was thinking that some of the Sea Green water bottles that I have were Nile or Aqua, but I do not think Nile or Aqua are made in the “clunker” style. As far as your uncased bottle that matches Orchid, 1. Is it just thin glass? The thinner the glass the lighter the color appears. 2. If it is not thin, is the casing layer thin? Sometimes I have to hold the bottle in the light and rotate it back and forth in order to see the Crystal casing.
      I always think of Plum as being a more “clear color” while Amethyst seems more “muddy” or slightly brown. Check you water bottles to see if you agree. When I look at the color page on the websight and scroll down to the comparisons of Red, Pinks and Purples though, the cased versions of those colors switch places. By that I mean that the Dusty Rose example looks muddy (or dusty?) and the Orchid example is now the more pure or clear of the two. Dusty Rose, which is cased Plum actually looks like light Amethyst.
      I have not purchased a water bottle (yet) to comfirm, but I certainly do not rule it out. Unfortunately, I think that we will have a similar problem with Cobalt and Electric in the future. I hope this was helpful.

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