Day 30-Tangerine


Tangerine has been a Blenko catalog color from 1957 -1981 and from 2001 to the present.  The color Tangerine is not amberina.  The glass known as amberina is red at the top, gradually changing to yellow at the bottom or rarely, yellow at the top changing to red.  Blenko’s Tangerine is occasionally red at the top and yellow at the bottom, but more often is a mixture of red, yellow and clear.  It sometimes includes orange or is all orange.  This is undoubtedly the most variable color Blenko has offered.  There will be more examples of Tangerine later to show this wide variation.

Notice the dark rim on this example.  This is not always present.  I believe that it comes from an excessive exposure to the heat that is used to fire polish the rim.  This turns the red  extremely dark.  Notice the row of Tangerine water bottles in the header photo above.  The very back water bottle does not have this dark rim.

Tangerine etching detail.


Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine Ultraviolet Light


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