Day 33-Kanawha

Kanawha “Amber”

Blenko has never made water bottles with ships on them.   Here are 12 examples of Kanawha water bottles.  This water bottle is often seen listed as Blenko.  According to internet sources, Kanawha Glass came into being when some of the workmen from the defunct Dunbar Glass came together in 1960 to start the company.  It produced glass until 1987 when it was acquired by Dereume Glass which lasted only until 1989.  The Kanawha catalog that I have seen shows only blue, green, amber,red and amberina.  I have seen other Kanawha pieces in milk glass and slag and am watching for water bottles to appear in either or both. states that Kanawha produced 7 colors.  From online images I am guessing that the colors were red, yellow, green, blue, amber, milkglass and amberina.  Their slag would come from mixing other colors with milkglass.  I have not been able to find out what the official color names were so I have used generic colors in this posting.  Kanawha’s design number for their water bottle is #148.

BLOG UPDATE:  November 4, 2013

I spent a bit of time researching at the West Virginia Museum of American Glass and was able to view several Kanawha catalogs.  The above information regarding Kanawha making 7 colors is completely wrong.  They made at least 15 by my count from the catalogs.  I have changed the captions on photos where I could supply the correct Kanawha name.

Kanawha “Vintage”

Kanawha “Vintage”

Kanawha “Vintage”

Kanawha “Vintage”

Kanawha “Azure”

Kanawha label

Kanawha Green

Kanawha Water Bottle Unusual Green “Nile Green?”

Kanawha “Ruby”

Kanawha Dark “Ruby”

Kanawha “Amber?”

Kanawha water bottle “Royal Blue?”

Kanawha Water Bottle Color Range Comparison


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