Day 42-Onesto

Onesto Red

I have only seen three of these and I own two.  I have only seen it in red.  The glass is heavy and the center indentation has an emblem with a banner inscribed ONESTO which is Italian for “honesty”.  The center of the emblem appears to be a Griffin in a shield.  The body has a basket weave design which is difficult to photograph.  Notice how the red has darkened at the rim from being fire polished.

Onesto Engraving Close-up

Onesto Basket Weave Detail

Onesto Red

Onesto Group

Blog Update: November 6, 2013-I recently visited the West Virginia Museum of American Glass in Weston, WV.  One of the volunteers, Tom, graciously assisted me in all of my inquiries.  The museum has several catalogs from Bryce which I was able to study in some detail.  I was amazed by the number of different designs that Bryce Brothers made.  Looking for the water bottle shape and not seeing it was a bit disappointing, but I did see glassware with an acid etched design vaguely similar to the etching on Onesto water bottles.  The pattern was called the PALMER HOUSE which I recognize as a hotel in Chicago.  This made me wonder if the Onesto water bottle was made for the Onesto Hotel in Canton, Ohio.  The Onesto was a high class hotel which opened in 1930 and which currently is an upscale apartment building with 45 units and shopping on the ground floor.  Canton, Ohio is 164 miles from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania where Bryce Brothers was located.  It is all a conjecture at this point.

Unetched Onesto

Unetched Onesto


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