Day 45-Dreamcicle


Dreamcicle was added to the catalog colors in 2008 and has been made each year since but not always as a catalog color.   Dreamcicle is a variable color, sometimes transparent orange, sometimes with a “milky” orange area and sometimes with an almost yellow cast.  This is the first orange color offered by Blenko although an occasional Tangerine will actually be orange in color.  I have several water bottles that I consider to be Dreamcicle but some, like this example, appear to be cased in yellow glass.  Some are cased in clear and some are not cased at all.  I assume they are all considered Dreamcicle but I have not contacted Blenko to get this questions answered yet.

Blog Update-November 23, 2013  Dreamcicle is orange glass cased over Crystal.  The color with Crystal over orange is called Sumburst.  The appearance of a yellow cased example is not actually cased in yellow.

Dreamcicle Detail

This shows a casing in yellow glass.

Dreamcicle etching detail.

Notice that the date is 2007?  This is an example of the “experimental” Dreamcicle made the year before it became a catalog color.

Blenko Water Bottle Dreamcicle Ultraviiolet Light


One thought on “Day 45-Dreamcicle

  1. This truly is a “dream” color. I remember dreaming and wishing that Blenko would make this color and then it finally happened. Some of the early experimental pieces have a lot of impurities. I have seen what appears to be cased and non cased examples as well.

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