Day 46-Desert Green

Desert Green

Desert Green was a catalog color only in 1996 and 1997.  It has been produced again on several occasions,  but not as a catalog color. There should be water bottles in Desert Green with the orange dot label but I have never seen one.  Desert green is made by taking a gather of Cobalt glass and encasing it in Topaz but leaving a very thick area of Topaz at the bottom which contains no Cobalt as in this example.  Other Desert Green may only have a thin layer of Topaz which encased all of the Cobalt.  The green glass at the top is just a combination of the two colors while the bottom is Topaz alone.  This produces the 2-tone look of this unusual bottle.

Blog Update: October 22, 2012:  Today I received a package and I can now tell you that Desert Green water bottles exist from the 1996/1997 time period.  Another minor head scratcher has been solved.

Desert Green Detail

This photo clearly shows the Topaz layer at the bottom of this water bottle.

Desert Green etching detail.


4 thoughts on “Day 46-Desert Green

    • This is actually one of the “fade” colors that you like so well, the color just fades to Topaz instead of fading to Crystal. Blenko also produced a color called Wisteria with this process. The color faded from Amethyst at the top to blue at the bottom. An internet source states that this color was only made in the mid 30’s. An example can be seen on page 20 of Eige and Wilson’s Blenko Glass, example 3. Water bottles were not made until 1938 so it is unlikely that we will see a water bottle in Wisteria. But never say never.

  1. I own one dated 2006 which is more to the blue scale at the top with a generous section of olive green from the shoulders to mid section fading to topaz. Desert Green is my 2nd favorite color only getting beat out by Sweet Pea. On really blended examples of Desert Green the fade mix of colors can represent a good amount of the many shades of green Blenko has produced over the years. This color rarely comes up for sale in water bottles so my suggestion is to buy it when you see one because it may be some time before you get another chance.

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