Day 48-Lemon


Lemon was a catalog color for two years, 1968 and 1969.  It will often have clear portions in the glass and to me has a “citrusy” look.   By “citrusy” I mean that the yellow color is a little green.  The lip on lemon pieces often appears to be slightly opalescent.

Lemon Detail

If you look at the lower right hand side you can see that the lip is a little more green and a little opalescent.  Because this occurs only on the lip, when it is present, I assume that it is from the re-heating during fire polishing.


Blenko Water Bottle Lemon Ultraviolet Light


2 thoughts on “Day 48-Lemon

  1. I have learned a lot about Blenko colors from your blog already. Please elaborate on the ultraviolet light photos. Do they indicate something about the chemical composition?

    • Certain compounds will fluoresce under ultraviolet light, whether those chemicals are in glass, rocks or whatever. If I remember my chemistry correctly, uranium is used, in very low levels, to make vaseline glass, which glows brightly all over. In glass that show patterns under ultraviolet light, I think that different levels of heat create different compounds in the glass and some of those compounds happen to fluoresce under a black light. The reason I first exposed my water botttles to ultraviolet light is that I hoped that it would help me determine what color they were. I hoped that when trying to tell Olive from Olive Green, for instance, one of them would fluoresce and one of them would not. Or that we could separate Dusty Rose from Orchid. So far, it has not been that much help. Some other colors do not fluoresce but they change color. Turquoise, for example, turns a pale green under ultraviolet light. I will definitely do some more experimenting and let you know what I find.

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