Day 55-Amber

Blenko Water Bottle Amber

Amber was a catalog color  for the following time periods, 1936-1956 and 1985.  This particular shade is unusual.  It is one of the first water bottles that I purchased and someone,who at the time I thought was an expert, told me that it was Olive.  Writing this blog has forced me to go through the collection and challenge what I thought I knew.  At this point on the Blenko learning curve, I think that this water bottle was made before 1972, when the first Olive glass was made at Blenko.  I now believe that this color is Amber.  In the spirit of challenging your assumptions, I urge you to use the comment section below each post to challenge anything you read here.  I do not consider myself an expert.  You should not either.

Another unusual thing regarding this particular water bottle is that the label is on the shoulder.  The only one I have ever seen.


Label Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 55-Amber

    • The true color of this is more like a khaki brown color. When you look at Gold the thick parts are an orangey brown, almost an apricot color. The thick part of this particular bottle is just a yellowy color with barely any orange at all. I will post a Gold in about 2 weeks and then I will do a comparison photo so you can see the results. I have been busy taking photos of individual bottles and probably need to start concentrating on color comparison photos. Thank you for your comment, Jeff, it has helped me to realize that comparison shots are probably necessary.

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