Day 59-Colonial Williamsburg Antique Green

Blenko Water Bottle khaki

This is the first water bottle listed here that does not have an official name.  It reminds me of the old khaki wool Army blankets so I call it khaki.  It does not remind me of any of the colors Blenko made, so I don’t think it is just a variation of another color.  I have seen 3 of these so far.  This and one other are in my collection.  Any thoughts on this color of water bottle?  Below are the comparison photos that I promised to post.

Blog Update-November 28, 2013-I am now of the opinion that this water bottle was made with one of the colors that Blenko formulated for the Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions that they made from 1936 to 1966.  (Blenko has gotten the contract for these reproductions back and have been making them again for about 2 years.)  An example in the case upstairs at Blenko calls this color Amber Olive but the 1962 Catalog refers to is as (UGH!) Antique Green.

khaki Olive Comparison

khaki Olive Green Comparison


4 thoughts on “Day 59-Colonial Williamsburg Antique Green

    • Olive would probably be the closest in color to this. Both examples that I have are heavier bottles which I think are older than the oldest Olive. The weight of a bottle is just indicative of it’s age though and not a determiner so you could be right. It could be that different glass blowers would make water bottles that are substantially different.
      Last time I was at Blenko, they had someone different making water bottles. There were several examples where the gather of glass got caught in the mold as it closed creating a “tab” on the neck, so I know that some differences will occur as you change who makes them. I will try to photograph this next to an Olive bottle and add it to this post, soon. Please know that I do amend posts from the past, add more photos and information from time to time so re-reading them is not a waste of time. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Jeff. I appreciate knowing someone out there is reading.

  1. No problem. I think this color is awesome and yes my bottle is very heavy too. You could use it as a door stop.

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