Day 61-Opaline Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Opaline Yellow

Opaline Yellow was a catalog color in 1986.  Most of Blenko colors are transparent. Opalene Yellow (and Ebony if you want to get technical) are the only colors of water bottles that are not.  (If the existence of a Rialto water bottle is ever confirmed, we will add it to this list.)  The majority of Opaline Yellow  items have translucent swirls through them, hence the name opalene.

Now is the correct time to expand on the discussion about labels on Blenko Glass.  There are three basic labels on Blenko glass.  The first, pictured above, I refer to as the Silver Hand.  It is a foil label and was used from sometime in the 30’s until 1982.  Blenko used their supply of labels and it may have continued into 1983.  A paper variation of this was used briefly during World War II but I have not seen one except in a photograph.

In 1982, a new label which I refer to as Block B was used.  (I have also seen this referred to as the Orange Ball label.)  It represents a gather of glass on the end of a blow pipe inside of a mold.  I understand that this design was created by John Nickerson who actually left Blenko some 7 years before this design was adopted for the label.    This label is made of cellophane and was used until the year 2000.

In 2000 an revised edition of the Silver Hand label was used which is made of cellophane instead of foil.  I refer to this as the New Hand label.  This label has two or more variations, some containing the phone number and web address and some not.  It is still being used as of the posting of this blog.

Other labels were used by Blenko, such as the Williamsburg Reproduction label and the Glass blowing man in red which was designed to be used on the Specialty lines, Rialto, Regal and Raindrop are rarely if ever seen on water bottles so they can probably be ignored by the water bottle collector..

Which brings us back to this particular water bottle.  I am quite sure that someone added this label to the water bottle.  The labels were discontinued in 1982 and the color was not made until 1986.  Another strike against it is that the label is placed in the wrong position.  The overwhelming majority of Silver Hand Stickers are located on the body of the water bottle just below the neck.  This is actually on the neck where the Square B label and the New Hand label are usually located.  In addition, the label looks pristine.

Silver Hand Label 1930's to 1982

Square B Label 1983 to 2000.

New Hand Label 2000 and after.

New Hand Label 2000 and after


Opaline Yellow Ultraviolet light

The areas that fluoresce under ultraviolet light are the areas that would receive additional heat after the blowing process.  The rim and the shoulders would be exposed to heat at the glory hole during the fire polishing of the rim and the indented circle would pick up residual heat from the device used to hold the water bottle once it is removed from the blow pipe.




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