Day 63-Midnight Blue

Blenko Water Bottle Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue was a catalog color in 1986 and was created to be used with Blenko’s specialty line called CONTEMPO.  This example is from 2011 and I believe it was created for their etched collegiate line but obviously was not etched.  The sceptics among you will probably say that this is just cobalt.  I would agree with you but this water bottle is cased in Crystal and we all know that Cobalt cased in Crystal is Azure.  This is definitely NOT Azure.  I rest my case.

Midnight Blue Casing Detail

Midnight Blue Etching Detail


One thought on “Day 63-Midnight Blue

  1. It would be nice if this color could be made without being cased in crystal. It seems then that it would be an extremely deep cobalt blue which I wish Blenko would make. The question was raised to Blenko and they indicated that it would be impossible. I wish I knew why? It was made in 86, so it seems like it could be made again?

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