Day 65-Sapphire

Blenko Water Bottle Sapphire

Sapphire was a catalog color from from 1979 to 1989.  Sapphire is a dead ringer for Cobalt.  To be sure your water bottle is Sapphire, buy one with a Silver Hand label.  (If you want a Cobalt water bottle buy one with a New Hand label.  The Square B labels could be either color.)

UPDATE: March 7, 2012

I came to a realization yesterday that Sapphire IS Cobalt.  How do I know?  Sapphire was made from 1979 to 1989.  Cobalt “replaced” Sapphire in 1990.  Azure , which we know is cased Cobalt was first made in 1985, five years before Cobalt was made.  It makes no sense that Blenko would make Cobalt for 5 years just to encase in Crystal, so they must have been encasing Sapphire and calling it Azure.  Finally, if Cobalt was a different color from Sapphire, Blenko would have changed the name Azure in 1990 when it changed from Sapphire to Cobalt.  So, Sapphire is Cobalt.

Blog Update-November 28, 2013-The above update should be warning for those of you who would apply logic to catalog colors for Blenko.  I was utterly and completely wrong.  Sapphire started out in 1979 looking more like Peacock or Teal but at some point in the eleven years that Sapphire was made the formula was changed.  (Possibly for safety reasons.)  I assume that it was earlier rather than later because I have not seen a lot of early Sapphire water bottles.  Blenko assures me that the new formula was very close to the formula for Cobalt but not exactly the same.  If your Azure water bottle has a raised ridge around the bottom then it is cased Sapphire.


2 thoughts on “Day 65-Sapphire

  1. I am absolutely amazed by the depth and breadth of your collection. I’ve been scrolling through your blog for 45 minutes or more and still cannot reach the end. I’ve been searching for a color match to the water bottle I picked up yesterday. It has a raised ridge / isn’t cased / isn’t cobalt…but doesn’t match teal or turquoise, Azure or Persian. It seems like an entirely different blue…possibly because it’s a thicker piece of glass? It feels heavier than the one I had before. At any rate, it has been wonderful to view your thorough treatise on Blenko water bottles. You deserve an award from Blenko. Willy Wonka should will you the factory!!

    • I started the blog to share the information that I had a difficult time finding when I first started to collect. I also wanted to document the non catalog colors and treatments as they were offered, in order to have some kind of historical record to share with other collectors. I am glad that you enjoyed the site.

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