Day 69-Wheat

Blenko Water Bottle Gold

Gold was in the official line-up for  four years, 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958.  It is very similar to Wheat and Topaz.  The only way to be sure you have a Gold water bottle would be to look for the Blenko etching on the bottom which this example unfortunately does not have.

See the blog update below.

At this point I will include a list of the colors that could have the 1958-1960 etching on the bottom.

Crystal, Charcoal, Sea Green, Tangerine, Gold, Nile, Teal, Jonquil, Turquoise, Mulberry, Lilac, Jade, Aqua and Persian.  So far, I have shown you two that have the etching, which are Sea Green on Day 31 and Lilac on Day 62.  A special order of Marine Crystal was also made for the Everpure Company and etched.  These are somewhat rare.

On day 55 a follower commented that the Amber water bottle shown might possibly be Gold.  Below is a comparison photograph of that Amber bottle and this Gold Bottle.

Gold Amber Comparison

I should remind you that this Amber is not the typical Amber and it is possible that it is not Amber at all.  (But what, then?)

Blog Update-November 28, 2013-This water bottle has a raised ridge on the bottom and therefore it could be either Amber from 1985 (which it is not) or Wheat which it must be by default.


3 thoughts on “Day 69-Wheat

  1. I use to collect antique bottles from the mid to late 1800s. We have a color that we refer to as “Olive Amber” for the bottles that look like they are mostly amber but take on an olive hue and can be more pronounced in certain lighting. Some were very prominent others not so much. I think it is possible that this is what this color may be because it reminds me of that color. I also believe it’s a very old color too.
    I love the color variants that Blenko comes out with. I don’t know how or why, but in my opinion it’s what makes their glass so unique and fun to collect.

    Great job on the website!!!

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