Day 70-Marine Crystal

Blenko water bottle Marine crystal

Another nice old clunker and it is seeded too.  Many of the newer colors are spectacular, but I still love my old water bottles.  Marine Crystal (to me) is the Comfort Food of Blenko Glass.

I know many of you out there like the most perfect of glass examples for your collection.  I like those too.  But I also like the ones that show that the glass is made by human hands.  Imperfect people (and we are all imperfect) make imperfect glass sometimes.  These less than perfect examples remind us that glass blowing is not easy but takes a lot of training.   It is a multi-step process and anything can happen at any step.  I really don’t care if the spouts do not match.  I don’t care if the top rim slopes slightly to one side.  I don’t care if the bottom is uneven and the water bottle rocks back and forth.  I love them all.  You will see many examples in the upcoming days.


One thought on “Day 70-Marine Crystal

  1. I love this early color especially when it is loaded with seed bubbles like this example. I have an early seeded crystal with a hint of Marine in it. I’m still looking for the real thing though. These bottles are very thick and heavy too.

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