Day 74-Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Amethyst

Compare this Amethyst to the one listed on Day 11.  That will start to give you and idea of the variation of this color.  Also check out  Click on  color to see examples of Blenko color from the “Historic” period.  There is a photo with 5 different pieces of Amethyst.  Click on the photo to enlarge.


Blenko’s Historic period begins in 1947 with the hiring of a full time designer, Winslow Anderson and ends in 1974 with the departure of John Nickerson.  This is not to say that any designers after 1974 were substandard.  The “experts” feel that Blenko was not as important from a design standpoint because of the rise of the Studio Glass movement  which they say “eclipsed” design efforts by the later designers.  These same experts ignore the water bottle because it came from the period before the Historic period.  They are welcome to their opinions.  I do not share them.


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