Day 75-Seabreeze (dark)

Blenko WAter Bottle Seabreeze (dark)

This is a subgroup of the Seabreeze color which was made by accident around October of 2011.  The story I got was that someone mis-read the formula for Seabreeze and moved the decimal point for one of the colorants thereby increasing the amount by a factor of 10.  It is a great story, maybe it is even true.  It did produce a beautiful color.


Blog Update-November 28, 2013- Blenko has confirmed that the person who mixes the colors was absent and the story above is correct.

If you look at the header photo you can see a line of these water bottles to the left of the Tangerine water bottles.

etching detail

Seabreeze Dark and Seabreeze

Group Seabreeze (dark)


3 thoughts on “Day 75-Seabreeze (dark)

  1. I absolutely love this color. It has become one of my all time favorites. While I am partial towards the normal shade of Seabreeze, this shade is absolutely incredible! If you like Seabreeze, you would probably like this shade even more.

  2. Jeff, I agree with you- one of my all time favorites from a mistake. Beautiful color- I have a couple of these since they cannot be replaced.

  3. This is truely a gorgeous color variation, Much more amazing in person with the sun shining through it than the above photos can convey. It’ reminds me of a rich Teal/Peacock color that too has become one of my favorites. They are relativly easy to aquire now but in the future you can bet on this being a desirable & tough bottle to find. Like so many other great variations….here one minute & gone the next!

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