Day 82-Pink Ice

Blenko Water Bottle Pink Ice

Pink Ice was only made as a special and sold through the Blenko Welcome Center.  It was never a catalog color.   It was introduced in 2007 and made again in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  I have not seen a water bottle marked 2008 but have seen them for the other years.  Does anyone have one marked 2008?  I am not sure if Pink Ice was made in 2011.  I keep hearing stories that Pink Ice will be made in 2012 but as of this posting it has not been verified.

Blog Update:  Pink Ice was produced in 2012 and offered at the Festival af Glass and again on Black Friday.  Most of the Black Friday batch was made into Mini water bottles.

Etching Detail

The etching is a bit light and is obscured by all of the extremely tiny bubbles.


Before I started this blog, if any one had asked me what color Rose’ was, I would have replied, “PINK.”  With Rose’ compared to Pink Ice, Rose’ on the right, I now would have to say purple.


2 thoughts on “Day 82-Pink Ice

  1. Pink Ice is one of my favorite colors and in my opinion one of the most desirable colors if not the most in Blenko water bottles. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate this heavenly color. Rose is still a pinkish color, but in my opinion has a deeper, richer tone to it and it is not quite as pink, it is, well, more “Rosy” and truly beautiful in its own right. Both colors are very difficult to come by because they were made in such limited quantities. The law of “supply and demand” truly applies here.

  2. Last I heard, pink ice was proving very problematic. Even though the chemicals were obtained, the formula was not stable. We will keep hoping as I have a friend who REALLY likes pink ice and I do think a pink ice optic bottle would be a prize!

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