Day 83-Black Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Black Amethyst

According to the shipping ladies at Blenko, this is an experimental purple color which was made in 2010.  They said, “Let’s call it Black Amethyst.”  The women in the shipping department work hard so I am giving them naming rights on this.  If Blenko decides to produce these in quantity and the color name is not Black Amethyst, I will correct this post and let you know.  Ebony was last produced as a catalog color in 2005.

I saw two of these and the other went to another collector.  Does anyone else have one?  They are marked Blenko 2010 on the bottom.  See below.

Etching Detail




4 thoughts on “Day 83-Black Amethyst

  1. I forgot to mention. Mine is dated 2009, but according to what I heard it was a special run and Blenko called it “Black Amethyst”. Without any backlighting it could almost pass for Ebony; however, in a sunny window, the deep, rich color shows through especially on the sides and shoulders. It’s a gorgeous bottle. Another of my favorites.

  2. I too have one dated 2009. At time of purchase the seller told me it was called “Midnite Royal Purple” & was part of a limited batch test run. It appears Ebony until backlit With a bright light or sun, then the glorious deep
    rich purple color shows itself. I would consider the purple color of mine more towards the modern dark shades of Violet or as the seller implied Royal Purple rather than Amethyst however. Could the 2009 & 2010 dated bottles be entirely different variations from each other possibly?

    • That is a great question because mine is also dated 2009 and I was told that it was “Black Amethyst” and I’m pretty sure that name came from Blenko, because the seller lives very close to them and knows the ladies that work up front. It looks like we either have the same color produced twice (a year apart) or least likely, in my opinion, two different colors that look very similar to each other. Isn’t this exciting? I love this website!

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