Day 84-Opaline

Blenko Water Bottle Opaline

Opaline was not a catalog color.  There was a run of these in 2006 and I only purchased one.  There was at least a dozen of them sitting on the sales table in the visitors center and I only purchasd one.  I have not seen any offered for sale in all of the years since.  (Did I mention that I only purchased ONE?)  Blenko did make some petal bowls from this color and probably some other utiltarian pieces.  These are out there somewhere so keep your eyes open.

Etching Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 84-Opaline

  1. I always wondered what happened to those as well. I saw some on ebay for a while after they were first made. I dragged my feet and didn’t buy one because they seemed so plentiful. Then all of the sudden they were gone without a trace. I have not seen any since. It’s like they disappeared off the face of the earth. I learned my lesson back then, so now if I see something I like I buy it right away as long as I can afford it and the price seems fair for what it is.

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