Day 87-Emerald



Blenko Water Bottle Emerald

The color of this Emerald water bottle is much more representative of the norm for this color.  There is a shade of blue in this which did not appear in the older example listed on Day 4.  I purchased this bottle in 2006 but there is no etching on the base.





The blue tint is much more obvious when viewed next to the one from Day 4.


One thought on “Day 87-Emerald

  1. I agree that this is one of the most varied colored water bottles that Blenko ever made. I have a few post 2000 examples that I believe were suppose to be Emerald, but because of too much blue almost appear a peacock or teal color. The same goes for the other side of the spectrum, some that have less blue and make you wonder if they were meant to be Clover. To me this is just one of the fun and exciting things about collecting Blenko water bottles. The surprises never cease..

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