Day 89-Seeded Crystal

Blenko Water Bottle Seeded Crystal



This is one of the Crystal water bottles that is highly sought after that I mentioned on Day 13.  A batch of these were run in 2005.  Blenko now considers “seeds” to be flaws so we are unlikely to see any more like this.



Etching Detail








5 thoughts on “Day 89-Seeded Crystal

  1. This is one of my favorite water bottles and they are indeed next to impossible to find. I also have a much older very heavy crystal bottle that even has a hint of marine in the glass that is similar. It has even more seed bubbles, probably thousands and weighs several pounds. One of my favorites as well. The third and last crystal one I have is my favorite of the three. It is one of the 2010 experimental optic water bottles in what some of us refer to as “Large Diamond” optic. There will probably be more discussion on this topic in the future.

      • Thanks for the comment, Good advise!! I would never eat or drink from Blenko glass though. Way to pretty and expensive, I would be to worried about breakig it.

  2. The heavily seeded water bottles sure do look pretty & are among the favorites in my collection too. A word of caution however is that seeded glass is considered a flaw for a reason. Not just because most glass makers strive for clarity but because the bubbles close to the surface may actually be open or bursted on a micro level & create small cavities for bacteria to harbor which can be a health concern for pieces used regularly for food or liquid. ….I know that won’t stop our passion for the unusual however & Im sure we all would love to see more heavily seeded water bottles lining our shelfs!

  3. Amazing-

    I would love to find one of these. Uncle Mikey, do you mean people actually use these?? Teasing, but I will have to admit that none of mine (142 to date) have been used as they were intended. I need to throw some lemonade in one this summer just to say I have used one! 🙂
    Agreed that the bubbles can be a hazard, but, wow, it is a beauty! I would love to see more of these on my shelves as well!

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