Day 90-Dreamsicle Diamond Optic

Blenko Optic Water Bottle Dreamcicle

This is my first post showing Blenko optic water bottles.  I first got wind of Blenko making Optic water bottles in July of 2010.  At that point we knew very little, only that they had made a straight optic and another optic design water bottle in the same basic shape as the regular water bottle.    It was known that they would “premier” at the Blenko Festival, but we did not know if they would actually be for sale then, how many there might be, what colors would be offered or if any more of them would be made for sale after the festival.  The Blenko Festival came and went and somewhere around 20 were offered for sale when the doors opened.  There were a few Electric and a few Ocean Blue but the majority of them were in what has been called “cullet purple.”  More about that color later.

Back to this particular bottle, it was made in 2011.  The Blenko underground reported that 16 were made, one of which did not survive.  If you own one, then it is one of 15.


Blog Update-November 28, 2013-Each year before Halloween, Blenko makes a quantity of orange glass which it uses in the production of its’ pumpkins.  In 2013 a good quantity of this was turned into optic water bottles.  Still, if you find one buy it.

Below is a “art” shot showing off the beauty of the diamond optic design as well as the etching detail.

It is all in the Details

Blenko Water Bottle Dreamcicle Diamond Optic Ultraviolet light


8 thoughts on “Day 90-Dreamsicle Diamond Optic

  1. This is another of my favorite Blenko colors. I remember the plain orange ones when Blenko first came out with them on an experimental basis. They were beautiful, but had a lot of impurities (mostly white if I recall properly). They finally got the formula and color perfected and now they are so beautiful. Only in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see one in the Diamond Optic variant! I am the proud owner of two of these beauties. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll make some straight optic ones this fall!!! .We can always dream right?…….

  2. You guys are lucky- must have great connections! 🙂
    This is one of my favorites as well. My daughter has one in her bathroom. I hade better let her know how rare it is! 🙂
    This is vibrant color as only Blenko can produce!

  3. You guys are the best! 🙂 I love this one, too. There are a few colors that really look great in the optics and this is one of them- it glows with the vibrant color that Blenko made famous. Hey, boyson- I thnk we need to talk Jeff into a visit to Milton next time you pass through. Wouldn’t we have a blast talking water bottles? We could “tag team” them to try for frit bottles…

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