Day 91-Midnight Blue Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Midnight Blue Diamond Optic

Made in 2011, this is the only optic water bottle in Midnight Blue that I have ever seen.  If you remember the post from Day 63, Midnight Blue is cased.  See the photo below.

Casing detail

Water bottles are blown into a metal mold.  Metal is used because the number of water bottles made makes it cost effective to pay the thousands of dollars that it would cost to have the metal mold made.  To make optic water bottles the gather of glass is attached to the blowpipe and dropped into a different metal mold which imprints the ribs or the diamonds into the glass.  The glass cools sufficiently enough to retain some of the pattern which is then blown into a water bottle mold.  Below are the molds that produce the ribs and diamonds.

Straight Optic mold

Diamond Optic mold

The molds which preform the optics in the glob of glass can be used to create optic patterns in almost any Blenko glass design.



Etching Detail


5 thoughts on “Day 91-Midnight Blue Diamond Optic

  1. I have 3 cobalt blue in Optic. Two in Diamond and One in Straight. I checked them all and to the best of my ability they do not appear to be the cased “midnight blue” variants. There is no clear or crystal whatsoever near the bottom. In fact these are some of the darkest cobalts I have seen, but they do not appear to be cased. I also have the cased “midnight blue” example in plain where it shows the clear crystal in the thick part of the base. The optic variants I have do not appear to be cased and look nothing like the plain “midnight blue” cased one I have. Perhaps they were made both ways? Either way they are gorgeous!!!

    • You are familiar enough with the ways of Blenko Glass to know that anything is possible. I was told by a Blenko employee that Midnight Blue is always cased. I still watch for items that are Midnight Blue and not cased. That is part of the fun, not knowing when the water bottle that can’t exist, suddenly appears.

      • I agree that anything is possible. When they say “Midnight Blue” is always cased maybe what they are really saying is that’s the way they “always” make it, and not that it couldn’t be made another way. When you have something that goes against the status quo you start to question the status quo.

      • When they said Midnight blue was always cased, I immediately thought that the base color for Midnight Blue was so dark that the “standard” was to case it in Crystal so you could see the blue. I am sure that some pieces were made that did not get the casing for one reason or another. I sure hope they were water bottles.

      • That would have been nice. I always wanted that color. I have a few other colors that are so dark they look ebony until you hold them to a light or window.. Now I’m just hoping they make some cobalt like that. It can be a mistake or not. If I worked there I would probably get fired for making so many “mistakes” (lol).

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