Day 92-Crystal Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Crystal Diamond Optic

Another beautiful Crystal water bottle, this time with a diamond optic pattern.   This example is etched “Blenko 2010”.

I should mention that the whole idea for optic water bottles came from Keith Morris and his team.  There are a lot of creative people there at Blenko.

Etching Detail




2 thoughts on “Day 92-Crystal Diamond Optic

  1. For being colorless “Crystal” is among one of my favorite “colors” especially when you consider what Blenko has done to it using seeded and optic techniques that really spruce it up. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of color that makes these features standout? Something to think about.

  2. Another amazing feature about crystal I forgot to mention is that it picks up any nearby colors and amplifies them to some extent. Maybe this is why they say clear or crystal is representative of all colors? Honestly I don’t think any collection is comlete without it.

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