Day 93-Crystal LARGE Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Crystal Large Diamond Optic

For a while in the early days of optic water bottles there was some confusion in my house regarding these optic water bottles.  A quick glance told me that this was a straight optic water bottle.  In actuality, the diamonds are just elongated.  I suspect there were two different molds for producing the diamond optic pattern, one small and one large.  If not, it might have happened in the blowing process.  Either the workers have mastered the process or Blenko has settled into using just one diamond mold because lately I have not see any of the LARGE diamond optic.

Etching Detail

I like the small diamond optic because they can not be confused with the straight optic.  It should be mentioned that some collectors are sad because the large diamond optic does not seem to be made any longer.


One thought on “Day 93-Crystal LARGE Diamond Optic

  1. Yes very sad indeed. This is/was my favorite deign of the 3 optic variations. I have several in different colors, but did not manage to get them all while they were still being made (extras anyone??$$). The thing about Large Diamond to me is that it is incredibly artistic even when compared to the other optic styles. I wish Blenko would bring it back. There is no confusion for me, only heartache that it is no longer being made. When I studied all three I was instantly drawn to the Large Diamond Optic variant.

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