Day 98-Clover Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Clover Straight Optic

It is hard for me to decide if I like the straight optic with the scallopped edge better or the diamond optic pattern.  Do you have a favorite?

Etching Detail


6 thoughts on “Day 98-Clover Straight Optic

  1. My favorite of the 2 you mentioned is the straight optic for sure. For some reason the diamond pattern on the Diamond Optic looks somewhat “elongated” compared to other colors. At least mine do. My all time favorite, as with any, is the “Large Diamond” pattern which of course was experimental and is unfortunately no longer made. I know that mold has got to be laying around the Blenko factory collecting dust? Let’s convince them to start using it again. They could charge $5 or $10 more for those. I would buy several examples of every color I need.

  2. The straight optics are by far my favorites! I think the diamonds are too “fancy” for the simple design of the 384. The diamonds look good in the pastel colors, though.

  3. I agree except that I still really like them. I do wish they would have gone with the large diamond though. They could have left both the straight and small diamond out because you get the best of both worlds with the large diamond. Just my thoughts on it. Perhaps they are too difficult to make or get good enough without a lot of waste. Or maybe they knew we really liked them (lol).

  4. After my own experiments with Blenko cullet Ive come to the conclusion that the color Clover is an equal mix of Turquoise & Kiwi.

    • For those who are not aware, Uncle Mikey is not only a Blenko water bottle collector, he is also a glass blower. He must have purchased a lot of cullet while at the Festival of Glass.

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