Day 101-Kiwi Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Kiwi Straight Optic

Initially, when looking at the differences in the two types of optic water bottles, I preferred the straight optic one.  I thought that the diamond optic was too much of an old-fashioned pattern.  I considered it “old lady like.”  Before I start getting hate mail from female seniors and their supporters, I have to say that I frequently socialize with little old ladies.  I enjoy spending time with  them.   I just prefer a more “modern” style when it comes to glass.  While I am down in this hole, I will dig myself just a bit deeper and say that I thought it was “Fenton-like.”  Now, this is not a derogatory term.  I think that Fenton glass is beautiful.  It is just not my cup of tea.  I am glad that everyone does not like the same thing or we would all be competing for the same items.

Having said all of that, the diamond optic water bottles have grown on me.  And Fenton collectors…… can breathe easy.  I promise to only buy Blenko glass.

Etching Detail


One thought on “Day 101-Kiwi Straight Optic

  1. This is a great color and I love the scalloped top. For some reason most of my straight optics don’t have the scalloped top. I wish they did. As far as I’m concerned this feature tips the scales in favor of the straight optic vs. the diamond optic, but everyone is different (Thank goodness).

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