Day 108-Tangerine Diamond Optic

This is a large diamond optic water bottle.  The pattern shows very nicely with all of color variation.  Notice the dark rim which is often associated with Tangerine.  The bottom is etched Blenko 2010.  I will tell you that I deliberated over this one for a time.   It looks like Tangerine but I was thinking that Tangerine never has amber in it, only Ruby does, so maybe this is Ruby with amber highlighs and the optic pattern is making it look like Tangerine.  I finally went back to the water bottle itself and found that what looks like amber is actually more red.  I welcome your thoughts on this one.

I should probably mention that Blenko is making 8 colors of water bottles in both optic patterns for 2012, including Tangerine and Violet, neither of which were offered in the catalog or their on-line store last year.

Etching Detail


Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine Diamond Optic Ultraviolet light


3 thoughts on “Day 108-Tangerine Diamond Optic

  1. I love the way the optics combined with this color make it appear almost flame like. I’ve put some thought in your bottle & to me the neck looks too orangey to be Ruby Amber but then again the optics really trick the eye & Ive seen some really amber Rubys these last few years. Hopefully someone else has a more definate answer.

  2. I have one similar to this and I’m not sure what to call it either. To me it almost seems like a hybrid. The name “Flame” (as mentioned above by Uncle Mikey) is what a few of us have given it for lack of information. It is has close to a ruby optic that I have, so maybe we should call it Ruby Flame”, unofficially that is.

  3. I can’t say for sure this is correct, but I believe this is a tangerine that had color issues. There was a period when they were having problems with the tangerine and many pieces came out with brown. I have some beautiful vases that were from that period, and I found my bottle like this around that time. I called them “flames” because that is what they looked liked to me. Someone at Blenko might have more light to shed on this, but I do think it was tangerine gone wrong, so to speak. Sometimes those not perfect pieces are, well, perfect to us collectors!

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