Day 111-Tangerine Mystery optic

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine Mystery Optic

This one is an oddity.  When I first saw it I thought that they had somehow made an optic water bottle with the “Howard Johnson” mold.   (If you don’t know what the Howard Johnson water bottles are, I apologize.  I have been trying not to mention a color or a variation that I have not already posted about.  Howard Johnson water bottles have a series of “bumps” on the front and back instead of the circle indentation.  More about that variation in about 40 days.)

This water bottle has these circles and ovals on the front, back, sides and even the bottom.   Starting at the shoulders though, it looks more like a straight optic water bottle.  I discussed this with the people at Blenko when I was there and we think maybe it is both Diamond optic and Straight optic together.  We have guessed that the gather of glass went into the diamond optic mold and the straight optic mold before being blown.  That might have somehow rounded out the diamonds on the lower body and cause the simple striations on the top.   Anyone have any better ideas?

To top it all off, this water bottle was etched Blenko 2011, twice!

Etching Detail

The odd pattern is especially obvious under a ultraviolet light.


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