Day 124-cullet purple Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Cullet Purple Diamond Optic

This is the color that I mentioned on Day 90 when I first posted about Blenko optic water bottles.  Blenko made this color from pieces of broken glass, items that did not survive intact, that are referred to as cullet.  (Most batches of glass have pieces of cullet added to them as it hastens the melting process.)  The story told is that they just melted pieces of blue cullet and purple cullet to come up with this.   Because it was not made from a formula, this color cannot be reproduced.  The actual color is borderline between blue and purple.  The purple does not reproduce well on a computer screen.  The photo below shows a comparison between Sapphire and cullet purple.  The actual color of cullet purple is still more purple than shown.

Sapphire cullet purple

Etching Detail

Below are photographs courtesy of WVGlassGal.  Many of our collections would be worse off with out her efforts.

Cullet piles at Blenko.

Cullet piles at Blenko.

The white that you see in the photograph above is the collection of glass bubbles from the tops of water bottles.  Nothing gets wasted.

Cullet piles at Blenko.

The photo above shows cullet from Pink Ice pieces that did not survive.  I don’t know, but there seems almost enough glass to make a batch of Pink Ice from the cullet.


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