Day 125-cullet purple Large Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle cullet purple Large Diamond Optic

Etched Blenko 2010 on the bottom.  This one is also signed by Walter Blenko.

Etching Detail

Etching Detail


9 thoughts on “Day 125-cullet purple Large Diamond Optic

    • First of all, welcome to the blog Diane. Your reputation precedes you. I have not confirmed the “cullet” story with Katie personally but believe it to be true. Normally, when Blenko makes glass they have a formula that includes sand, soda and lime plus a colorant. As I mentioned, a bit of cullet is usually added also because it acts as a catalyst and helps the ingredients melt quicker. In the case of “cullet purple” Blenko just took pieces of broken glass in blue and purple from the cullet piles that are visible from the walkway to the observation deck and remelted them. As an example, they could have taken Turquoise fragments and added them to Amethyst fragments and just made water bottles from the resulting glass leaving the final color somewhat to chance. No additional soda, sand and lime and no colorant. The color cannot pe reproduced because they have no “formula” to recreate it. I am NOT saying that Turquoise and Amethyst were the colors, merely an example. I would be happy to post more comparison photos if that would help you visualize the color.

      • I didn’t realize I HAD a reputation. Should I be concerned? 😉 Interesting concept, kind of a surprise stew of glass coloring. If I lived anywhere near Blenko, I’d probably be picking up the one-off colors like this. I have “only” twenty-three different colors, plus three convention etched bottles. I think the desert green is my favorite, but I would love to find one in Rosé, and one of the handled version, any color I could afford.

      • As far as I know, (which is not all that far come to think of it) Blenko has never made a cullet color before. I wouldn’t mind if they did this more often.

      • Your reputation at my house surrounds your knowledge of Blenko and your beautiful folded paper cards. That is all good.

  1. Show me relieved. Also feeling foolish…had I read farther down the page, I’d have seen the explanation of the purple cullet. It’s a great color.

    • I agree. Another one of my favorites is the Dark Sea Breeze. It was created by accident. I hope Blenko has more accidents like that.

  2. I have a framed set of Diane’s beautiful cards! Lovely!
    As to this color, I believe, too, that it was a cullet pile batch as I was told it was a cullet color when they
    came to the VC. Agreed that it is nearly impossible to picture this color, but it is a beauty. Living near the factory is both a blessing and a curse. I love all the odd colors, the accidental colors and the ones that are half cased.

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