Day 126-cullet purple Straight Optic

Blenko Water Bottle cullet purple Straight Optic

This is the first Blenko optic water bottle that I ever saw.  This example is not etched on the base.   Notice the nice deep scallops on the rim.


3 thoughts on “Day 126-cullet purple Straight Optic

  1. What a beautiful bottle! I just love the deep scallops. I wish all of the straight optic bottles had deep scallops like this one.. Most of mine are shallow or non existent.

  2. Love these…I know a lot of collectors turn their nose up at the water bottle, but I love the shape, and the fact that it has been made in every color imaginable. And some that are not, as evidenced by these cullet examples. what’s the scoop on the sales of these? Visitors’ Center only? My husband is helping a friend move to Ohio this summer, I may require that he make a detour to Blenko for me…

  3. You can purchase the standard production colors (in plain or optic) right off their on-line store at, but be prepared to wait at least 2 months for your order to ship. I have never been to the Visitor’s Center, but from what I hear it’s hit or miss.

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