Day 128-Yellow Diamond Optic

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow Diamond Optic

Etched Blenko 2010 on the base, yellow was not a catalog color so this is very limited.

Etching Detail

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow Diamond optic Ultraviolet light


UPDATE: July 26, 2012:  Here is the word on Yellow.  The formula for Yellow has not changed since it was brought back in 2000.  The name was changed from Opaline Yellow to just Yellow because most examples did not show the opaline.  This same Yellow is used to make the Fire and Ice pieces.


5 thoughts on “Day 128-Yellow Diamond Optic

  1. I heard from a very reliable source a while back that there were only 2 made or that survived. Do you know if that’s true? It would make since because there are only 3 yellow straight optic in existence.

    • I am only aware of two. There could be 100 of them in the warehouse as we speak. When It comes to water bottles, the blowers often make one or two of something and it is never seen again. A few examples of those are coming later in the year.

      • yes, I certainly am aware of that. The VC hasn’t seen them and they are really pretty. Maybe sometime in the future.

      • It would be nice if Blenko would make enough to go around for everyone. It would still be rare, but at least most collectors would have a chance of getting one. Just my 2 cents.

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