Day 135- Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle  Yellow

The yellow colors are a mystery to me at this point.   I know that when Opaline Yellow was brought back in 2000 it was just called Yellow.  Then when Fire and Ice was created it seems like the yellow used to make Fire and Ice was called Sunshine Yellow.  I think that they are all basically one color with the same “formula.”   They certainly look the same to me.  I have this on my list of questions to ask when I go to Blenko again.   I purchased this example in 2007 but there is no marking on the bottom..  If I can find out which yellows are considered Sunshine Yellow then I will try to determine what years they were made.


UPDATE: July 26, 2012:  The mystery has been solved.  All of the yellow colors produced since the year 2000 are Yellow.  The color used to make Fire and Ice pieces is Yellow.  Some of the people who work at Blenko refer to this Yellow as sunshine yellow but it is officially just Yellow.  Consequently, I have removed Sunshine from the title of this post and from any tags.

 Yellow under ultraviolet light


2 thoughts on “Day 135- Yellow

  1. I compared my 1986 example to a modern Sunshine yellow example and they look “close” to the same in the window, but when you hold them up to a white background they are notably different. I think they might be from different formulas, but that’s just my opinion. Either way I am ahppy to have examples of each because they are both beautiful and one of my favorite colors after Pink Ice and Dreamsicle.

    • The Blenko Collectors site says that Opaline Yellow and Yellow (2000-2001) are the same color, but all of the Yellow I have seen are slightly greenish while the Opaline Yellow are a more warm shade. Maybe the colorant used was purchased from a different source. In any case, I’m with you. I’m just happy that these colors were made.

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