Day 136-Ruby

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby

Here is another example of Ruby that is only red on the very top and the very bottom.   This one was purchased in 2006 but does not have the date etched on the bottom.  Initially, this was put in the Tangerine family because the coloration on the top looks so much like Tangerine.  I have not seen Tangerine with the buff brown color before so I decided that it was Ruby.  If you have input on this, I would be glad to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “Day 136-Ruby

  1. I would probably classify it as Tangerine; I’ve seen some that were almost solid orange, I have one with just the slightest hint of yellow at the shoulders. The current photos on the website have a lot of yellow and clear (seeming) with the darker red and orange in the indentation and at the base and the lip. There was a color called Tequila Sunrise, which had a very limited run, which had the most intense colors at the lip, going into a dark midnight blue. My guess is that Tangerine is difficult to reproduce exactly the same every run – I would love to hear from some of the more experienced collectors.


  2. Until I hold this in person I’m only 99% certain you have Ruby there. The 1% depending If there’s absolutely no signs of yellow or clear but more topazy/brown at shoulders. I’m sure the Factory intended this to be Ruby & called it that even though it looks nothing like a true ruby. I’ve seen some ugly brown “rubys” over the years at Blenko from light to dark (but never had the foresight to buy back then). ….this might be another one you just have to assign a variation name to. With such a large amount of variations in this color it’s no wonder why all Blenko collectors cherish nice & even true ruby examples.

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