Day 137-Teal

Blenko Water Bottle Teal

This water bottle is etched Blenko 2006 on the bottom.  I purchased it as Teal so that is what I will call it.  The color is halfway between Emerald Green and Seabreeze and has a bit more green than appears in the photograph.  Blenko, on occasion, will run a batch of water bottles for Public Television to use as incentives  (premiums) for people who donate.  These colors are often not one of the catalog colors for that year and I suspect that this might be one of those.

Etching Detail




2 thoughts on “Day 137-Teal

  1. For some weird reason, once in a blue moon my Google alert for Blenko turns up your blog. I really admire what you’ve done / are doing. I “collect” Blenko but I had no real focus for way too many years. Now I own 150+ pieces, some of which I love and will always love, some about which I think, “What was I thinking?”
    SUCH a great idea to do the bottles! It’s what they’re well- (if not best-) known for. My hodge podge is colorful, but some days I think that’s all it is.
    Happy collecting!

    • Thank you for your comments. I am glad that occasionally Google will show the blog. I think that even Blenko collectors who do not collect the water bottle can get something out of the blog. (Or add something!) I really like Blenko glass but decided to “limit” myself to water bottles. I thought that almost all of the Blenko colors could be found in a water bottle plus a lot on non-catalog colors as well. For the most part, they are affordable. I have only found good people collecting Blenko, but the Water Bottle collectors are Great!

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