Day 141-Tangerine Front-to-Back Spouts

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine

This odd ball water bottle has a “tab” on the neck and the spouts go from front to back, not side to side as usual.  The base is etched Blenko 2011.  Notice how the tab shows the effect of reheating by turning the yellow to red and then to dark red.

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine Etching Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 141-Tangerine Front-to-Back Spouts

  1. I personally find the bottles with front to back spouts unattractive. They are usually only made this way as an attempt to make something saleable out of a flawed bottle that would end up in the cullet pile otherwise. The 4 spout bottles are the same situation. By adding the front to rear spouts they are masking an issue that would have otherwise left it not looking correct. The front to back spouts help hide crooked necks, too tall or short of Front/rear rims & off center side spouts. They in turn make something rare & desirable out of what would have been nothing special. In this case, the tab ear would have obviously prevented a side spout from forming correctly so why not do a front to rear oddball for the die-hards to eat up? Either way, like it or not these oddballs are sure to add some interest to your collection & are great for showing how things don’t always go as planned at Blenko. ….keep up the great work, I love seeing all the different bottles wether 1st
    quality, 1 of a kind or oddball. They are all an important part to documenting Blenko & the Water Bottle.

    • I certainly find the side to side spouts more pleasing aestetically. Functionally, they are difficult. The water bottle has to be turned almost completely upside down in order to get the last of the liquid out because the square shoulders hold it back. If you have cleaned the dust out of one you know what I mean. The front to back spouts solve that problem. I have never actually used a water bottle to serve liquid from so for me the point is moot. I have the front to back spout water bottles because they exist but would not want one in every color. I also do not strive to get 4-spout water bottles in every color. What “come to me” affordably, I collect, (or rare colors) but do not strive for a complete collection.

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