Day 142-Ruby

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby

This example of Ruby was made in 2007.  It does not fluoresce under ultraviolet light.  This makes me believe that the colorants used in the newer Ruby water bottle are different from what was used earlier.  Post modified 5/21, 2012.  See the comment from Uncle Mikey below.  Age apparently has nothing to do with whether a Ruby water bottle fluoresces.  These are the kinds of things we can discover together by sharing what we know or observe.  Thank you for your comment(s), Uncle Mikey.

Blenko Water Bottle etching detail


3 thoughts on “Day 142-Ruby

  1. I’ve never put a blacklight on my Ruby bottles until reading this post & what I found was interesting. My older Rubys do not flouresce but I own 5 that are dated 2011 & 2 do not flouresce one bit, but the other 3 glow yellow/orange like mad! They are beautiful under a blacklight! All from the same year, but definately are different under blacklighting. Very unusual & at this point I have no real explaination except part of me thinks it has to do with the amount of “flash” time they get since Ruby is a “striking” color & results vary from one bottle to the next.

    • I notice that all my ruby bottles floresce on the INSIDE of the bottle, new or old. All of my older bottles floresce inside and out and most are a lighter clear red. My 2009 cherry red bottle floresces only on the inside. All the 2011 bottles I have do not floresce outside. When you shine a flashlight inside the newer bottles, in a dark room, there seems to be a flat black soot covering the inside. Also you can see every flaw in ANY bottle, the water stains show very well using a flashlight. Also all my tangerine and yellow bottles all floresce (glow) inside and out. With all that said I lean more towards the materials used in the formulation.

      • I wanted to add also that all of my red, amber and tangerine KANAWHA bottles floresce with great brilliance inside and out. I do not find any sooty look to the inside of the Kanawha bottles. I wonder if the change in gas suppiler to Blenko could have made a difference?

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