Day 150-Violet

Blenko Water Bottle Violet

I purchased this water bottle in 2009 from another collector and it is etched Blenko 2009 on the bottom.  In 2009, there was no purple color in the catalog list of colors, so I referred to this as purple experimental.  Last year on my annual visit to Blenko, I found out that every so often Blenko does a run of Violet glass and makes lamp pieces for a lamp manufacturer.  They were doing this at the time of my visit.  So, I now believe that they were also doing so in 2009 and a few Violet water bottles were made at that time.  If you see a purple water bottle with the 2009 date on it, grab it!  They are few in number.

Violet Etching Detail


6 thoughts on “Day 150-Violet

  1. I have a very old violet one that is so dark it looks like ebony until you hold it to the window. In the picture it looks like a very very deep cobalt. Also, the violet color is like none I have ever seen. Interesting bottle.

  2. I have one the same shade, probably 2003 to 2005, I bought it in The Container Store (organizer place) in San Diego. I would check the date on the bottom, but I’d have to undo the quake grip.

  3. Hi Lorin,
    Blenko made “Black Amethyst” in 2010 as you know. I have two 2009 bottles similar to this one in that they are so deep in color, but to me they look more like a really deep Amethyst vs. Violet.

    I’m still looking for the 2010 Black Amethyst 😦

    Do you think any were made in 2009?


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