Day 151-Jonquil VINEYARD

Blenko Water Bottle VINEYARD Jonquil

In 1960, Blenko introduced a new line called VINEYARD.  I suppose the connection is that all of these “dots” were like a bunch of grapes in the VINEYARD, but that is just conjecture.  There were a number of vases and bowls, all of which had the “dots” as the distinguishing feature.  Today, they are sometimes referred to as “bubble wrap.”  Anyway, for the years of 1960, 1961 and 1962 these water bottles were made as part of the Vineyard line.  One thing I find strange is that the catalogs for those years show only the regular water bottle.  There is no photograph of the VINEYARD water bottle in the catalog.   Please look closely and notice that the top and bottom rows have 5 dots.  This is significant.  There are water bottles with 3 dots on the top and bottom rows.  These are Blenko but they are not VINEYARD.  I will explain that in just a few days.

Blog Update-November 29, 2013: I was looking through the Pina book “BLENKO COOL 50’S AND 60’S GLASS.  On page 105 there is an advertisement for the VINEYARD line that shows a VINEYARD water bottle and describes the colors available as “Tangerine, Jonquil, Persian, Sea Green, Turquoise, Lilac and Crystal.

Jonquil under fluorescent light

Jonquil will fluoresce under an untraviolet light.

Jonquil VINEYARD Etching Detail

The VINEYARD water bottles made in 1960 will usually have the Blenko etching on the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Day 151-Jonquil VINEYARD

  1. I have heard that these bottles were made especially for use at the Howard Johnson Motel chain restaurants. I do remember seeing them there as a child when we travelled South. Perhaps that is why they weren’t in the catalog- specially made for a retail customer?

  2. Oh, oops- jumping ahead? The 3 dot ones are the Ho-Jo bottles, perhaps. Maybe they were awfully close to those and thus were not offered in the catalog? Will wait and see! Love the blog and the opportunity to connect with other Blenko collectors! Thanks for sharing all of this information!

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