Day 154-Lilac VINEYARD

Blenko Water Bottle VINEYARD Lilac

When I was a kid in Michigan, I would have pronounced this color “lilock.”  I now live in the SOUTH and have been corrected to call it “lilack.”  Anyway, it is a beautiful color and it is etched as well.

Lilac VINEYARD Etching Detail




4 thoughts on “Day 154-Lilac VINEYARD

  1. Hi Boyson, I can’t remember if I ever told you that I am also originally from Michigan. I grew up in Clark Lake which is about 10 miles south of Jackson. Left in 92′ for “greener grass”. I started collecting crackle glass decanters in the late 90’s after selling my collection of antique (1800’s) medicine bottles (which I will never forgive myself for doing) then I eventually switched over to Blenko water bottles because I love the shape and the large array of colors. Miss the decanters though. Love the water bottles more 🙂

    • At one time I also collected “old” bottles. Medicines, sodas, bitters, many which I found. I also had a good collection of fruit jars and I co-authored a collectors manual on canning utensils. Now I have limited myself to Blenko.

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