Day 155-Tangerine VINEYARD

Blenko Water Bottle VINEYARD Tangerine

This is the last of the VINEYARD water bottles that I have to post, but do not be disappointed.  Tomorrow I will start with the “3 dot variety.”  This Tangerine water bottle is also etched.

Tangerine VINEYARD Etching Detail

How good as a detective are you.  I have put forth several clues in the last 5 days that could lead you to a conclusion.  Here goes:

1.  The Vineyard line was made for 3 years, 1960,1961 and 1962.

2.  The water bottles made in 1960 should be etched with Blenko on the bottom.

3.  All 5 of the water bottles shown have the Blenko etching, which means they must have been made in 1960. (Indeed these colors were all made in 1960.)

Are you there yet?

Here is some additional information.

4.  All of these colors except for Lilac were also made in 1961 and 1962.

I am wondering if the VINEYARD Water Bottle was only made in 1960.  Odds are that only one or two of my VINEYARD water bottles would be etched.

This conjecture would be proven wrong if someone out there has a VINEYARD water bottle in a color made in 1961 or 1962 that was not made in 1960.  Those colors are:

1. Charcoal

2. Amethyst

That water bottle would not have the etching because it would have been made after 1960.   Let’s work together to solve this one.


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