Day 156-Tangerine Howard Johnson

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine Howard Johnson

Ok, here is the water bottle with the three dots on the top and the bottom row that I promised you five days ago.  Most of you  are probably wondering why I have the name of a hotel in the title.   Here is the story.  These bottles (which you can consider to be part of the VINEYARD line, if you want to) were made for the Howard Johnson restaurants.  I am told that they were used in the restaurants but I also remember those places had a gift shop just inside the doors and I wonder if they were sold in the gift shop as well.

Remember the detective work we did yesterday.  Here are some more clues:

1.  I have ten Howard Johnson water bottles from this time period.

2. NONE of them are etched with the Blenko logo.

3.  Statistically, three of them should have the logo etched on the bottom.   (Ten bottles, made for three years.  Only etched in one year ,1960.  10/3=3.33)

Is it possible Blenko made the 5 dot version in 1960 and switched to the 3 dot version in 1961 and 1962?  (I actually do not know which years the Howard Johnson water bottles were produced as they were not regular production and did not show up in the Blenko catalogs.  They could have been made prior to 1960 or continued beyond 1962 when the Vineyard line ended. )  Or did Blenko just not mark the Howard Johnson Bottles?

So, does anyone have a Howard Johnson Water Bottle with the Blenko etching on the bottom?

Thank you for reading all of the ramblings regarding Howard Johnson water bottles.  As a special treat, I will show you the mold used to make these water bottles.

Howard Johnson Water Bottle Mold

Howard Johnson Water Bottle Mold-Bottom View

Remember to click on the photograph to see an enlarged version.

(Now, I am wondering if they had a special holder to hold these bottles while they were being fire polished???)

Howard Johnson Water Bottle under Ultraviolet light

I almost forgot, Tangerine glows under ultraviolet light.


2 thoughts on “Day 156-Tangerine Howard Johnson

  1. Notice that there IS a removal plate with the Ho-Jo pattern showing in the picture. I assume that they either modified the Vineyard mold or the mold was made with interchangeable plates, so patterns could be changed as we had previously discussed.

    • If Blenko made a special mold for the Howard Johnson water bottle, a plate could have been fit over the Howard Johnson mold to make the Vineyard style water bottles. HOWEVER, I am pretty sure that the Vineyard water bottles were made first, so that would have required the extra “bumps” to be ground off or otherwise removed. Now I am wondering if Blenko took an existing water bottle mold and had it modified for the Vineyard and re-modified for the Howard Johnson water bottle. While I only saw the Ho-Jo mold, the Vineyard mold could still be there. I already had a note for my next trip to Blenko to inspect the Ho-Jo mold more closely. I do not recall seeing any connecting devises like screws, rivets or even welds. I assume at this point that if the mold was modified it was ground out and a plate more or less permanently attached. I will let you know what I find when I visit Blenko.

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